Henning Sanneck


Henning Sanneck heads the “Network Automation” Research Department in the Standards unit of Nokia Strategy & Technology, Munich, Germany.
He received his Dr.-Ing. (PhD) degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin with a thesis on Voice over IP QoS in 2000. Then, Henning joined Siemens - Mobile Networks as a Senior Research Engineer, becoming an Innovation Project Manager in Radio Network Management in 2003. In 2007, at the formation of Nokia Siemens Networks, he started to lead a line team driving Self Organizing Networks (SON) concepts, IPR and demos for LTE using policy-based management technologies. Since 2009, Henning and his team are working on applying and adapting analytics and machine learning technologies to Radio Network Management (in particular for anomaly detection and diagnosis) using network data- and simulation-based approaches. In 2014/15, as "Head of Cognitive Network Management" for Nokia Networks Research, he has also acted as the coordinator of the research & standardization work in that technical area which included the strategy development and technology transfer supervision. Henning’s team has been continuously involved in nationally (BMBF) and internationally (EU) funded research projects.
His current research interests are in (Beyond) 5G Network Management and Orchestration, in particular configuration, healing and the operation of Cognitive Functions in virtualized, sliced radio access networks (across public and private deployment scenarios). Henning has published 80 papers and has 30 patents granted or published. He has been co-editor and -author of the book "LTE Self-Organizing Networks" (2011) and co-author of the book "Towards Cognitive Autonomous Networks" (2020).


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